Interesting Horse Sculpture For Sale

Kendall McCulloch, Metal Artist recently let us know that his art sculpture, STEEL GORGEOUS, that was shown both at the 2015 Pan Am Games Venue Palgrave and at the 93rd Royal Agricultural Winter fair, Toronto Ontario (front entrance) will be going up for sale.


Every piece of rebar was formed and bent by hand. Normally, a sculpture of this size would use tin over a skeleton of sorts. For McCulloch, once he began the meticulous process of laying the rebar, he just kept going, continuing those natural, flowing lines that emerged. The half-inch rebar was laid tight, held together by solid and random welds.


Thousands of hours and feet of steel rebar (reinforcing bar) went into his life-size horse sculpture, which stands 16.2 hands high – on its stand, it’s just under eight feet to the tips of the ears. The majestic beast weighs in at an estimated 3,000 pounds.

If you would like to talk to Kendall McCulloch about his creation you can contact him on Facebook or


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