Another GREAT Mane Event!

See you at the Mane Event” is a pretty common phrase around these parts. We all look forward to a visit with our “horsey” friends after a long western Canadian winter. And, just like the crocuses, thousands of horse people from every discipline will suddenly show up, sometimes even poking through the snow, to see what the many, many vendors have brought to entice us or teach us. Along with this are knowledgeable clinicians teaching throughout the buildings and 2 arenas and, of course, you don’t want to miss the “Trainers Challenge”. There is lots to be learned.

Showing  you all the exhibitors, clinicians and vendors isn’t really an option so we thought we would concentrate on the ones who are also on If you weren’t at The Mane Event this year, let us give you a good idea of what you missed.

K & K Livestock Co.


This year we look forward to seeing you even more as we have a mobile store that will be attending more shows and bringing the product to you. If you would like us to come to your show – Let us know. Be sure and come out and see us. The coffee is always on, there is always something going on at K&K and as the logo says IT IS A GREAT DAY AT K&K, where you will be glad tomorrow that you shopped with us today.

Art By Joan Herbert


14 years ago a fellow exhibitor told us we should get involved with a “new” show that looked promising to be one of the best equine related shows around. With 14 shows now behind us, we have to agree!  It’s been a great ride!

Overtime our focus has changed from being mostly traditional artwork to functional (mostly) metal artwork. Our western lighting has been very popular as well as custom signs and metal art, including 100% recycled metal artwork of buffalo and horses.

We look forward to the Mane Event each year. Such a great show for all horse minded folks!

Ace of Clubs Quarter Horses


Another successful Mane Event is in the books.  It is great to see people come out from all facets of the horse industry to take in the 3 day premier event; activities and exhibitors stretch from one end of the Westerner grounds to the other.
Cold weather can always be counted on, though the action in the round pen warmed everything up!
Ace Of Clubs Quarter Horses is proud to supply the horses for the Mane Event Trainers Challenge.  It is a pleasure to meet and work with trainers, who offer a wealth of valuable information.  The event managers and staff make it feel like one big family, having everything happen like a well oiled machine.
We are definitely looking forward to what will be planned for next year!

Kiefer Trailers


We are the western Canadian distributor of Kiefer trailers. We have over 35 years experience in the trailer industry and have been involved with Kiefer since 1993.  We handle all Kiefer trailers including horse, living quarters, livestock, flatbed, and industrial trailers.  We have the perfect trailer to fit all of your needs.

Benalto Ag Society


Celebrating 100 years, the Benalto Agricultural Society hosts a variety of events including the 100th Benalto Pro Rodeo, Benalto Stampede Queen Competition, Pony Clubs, 4-H Clubs, and much more. Was the Benalto Fair & Stampede an event your family attended every year? Did you enter the Fair, Horse Show, Ag Shows, Rodeo? Did you or a family member volunteer for the Ag Society? Did you lend a hand during the rodeo over the years? We want to hear from you and see your pictures! Some of these shared memories will be published in the Western Star and on display during our 100th celebration weekend.

Hoffman’s Horse Products


Hoffman’s Horse Products have improved the health and performance of many horses over the years and along the way gained the respect and trust of horse owners across Canada.

Hoffman’s Horse Products is a line of fiber friendly feeds that have been designed with specific high quality ingredients using nutritional technology, which allow the horses system to utilize the full potential of the nutrients from not just the ration, but the forages that are being fed to the horse on farm. The Hoffman’s line offers a feed for every horse designed to meet their specific needs to help them excel and reach their full potential.

Irvine Tack & Western Wear


Here at Irvine’s we strive to offer a “one-stop shopping” experience. With our wide selection, competitive prices, and knowledgeable staff we are committed to providing you with the personal shopping experience you’ve always wanted.

Irvine’s is pleased to offer our customers a great online shopping experience as well. We are continually updating and improving our website to serve you better. Be sure to check back often as there are always new items being added.

Irvine’s is proud to be Canada’s Largest Western Store. With over 65,000 square feet of retail space, we carry more product inventory than most other western stores. We have everything from western apparel, rodeo gear and home décor to arena chutes and stock trailers – if it fits the western life-style we have it!



Lynne Hoff was raised around good horses and has ridden competitively all her life. As an ex-pharmacist of 28 years and long-time horse breeder and trainer, I wanted a supplement that made sense. I did not want expensive added protein – I can get that from feeding good hay at a fraction of the cost. I did not want added sugar in the form of molasses, beets or grain, and I certainly did not want any inert fillers. I also didn’t want extravagant medical claims being made by “herbal remedy” products that are not supported by any testing. I wanted every ingredient to be food grade with special attention to bioavailability. AND I wanted to address the age old problem of equine colic, so that meant preparing the gut to receive nutrients while maintaining a healthy bacterial population.

I discovered this formulation and after using it for almost 15 years, I decided to market and sell it because I consider it to be by far the best feed additive ever invented. This product more than pays for itself with fewer vet bills and less frequent chemical worming.

Rocking Heart Ranch


We believe that most folks simply want to use a horse that they can trust and use with confidence indoors or on the trail; the kind that your great grandparents used everyday. A proven pedigree coupled with the process of basic fundamental training techniques has been the focus of our family for five generations.

Please explore our website for further information on Rocking Heart Ranch!

Friends Of The Eastern Slopes


In February 1994, Friends of the Eastern Slopes Association was incorporated as a not-for-profit society.  The group took on as their first project the Bighorn Campground located on the Parks Canada Ya Ha Tinda Ranch.  They negotiated with Parks Canada to take over as the stewards of the campground.  Over the intervening years, through positive, proactive volunteer efforts, Friends of the Eastern Slopes Association:

  • has grown and consistently maintains a membership of over 400 families
  • have an on-going agreement with Parks Canada for the Bighorn Campground area
  • were entrusted by the Alberta Sustainable Resource Development and the Bighorn Backcountry Committee with the stewardship of the Hummingbird, Eagle Creek and Cutoff Forest Recreation areas, and
  • have made a real reduction in the impact on the environment of recreational horse users

Vic Bennett Saddles


Vic’s passion for horses and saddles took hold early. Vic began working on chaps and saddles at Cloverbar Saddlery while still in high school and then joined Cloverbar as a full partner in 1966.

Vic surrounded himself with horsemen and women who shared his vision. Vic and his team served the needs of the western performance world for more than 40 years. As a direct result, Vic Bennett Custom Saddles is known for its superior workmanship; A place where gear is hand made with refinement while still retaining substance and form.

Vantage Trailer Sales


Vantage Trailer Sales Inc, located near Lethbridge, Alberta, is proud to be the exclusive dealer of Western Canada of Lakota living quarters horse trailers. Lakota trailers have sold into every area of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia. We have many satisfied customers in all major centres such as Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Regina, as well as in Manitoba and other rural areas. We offer the Lakota Bighorn and Charger, all boasting great interior packages of all sizes in high quality, all-aluminum construction. Competitively priced, the Lakota horse trailer is rapidly becoming an industry leader in the living quarters horse trailer market!

Quarter Horse Association of Alberta


The Quarter Horse Association of Alberta is the official affiliate of the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA). It was formed in 1963 with the mandate to carry on the grassroots promotion of the Quarter Horse industry in the province through promotion of shows, clinics, contests and related activities. The QHAA recognizes the top Quarter Horses competing in QHAA sanctioned events through awards at the year end.

Fleetwood Farms Quarter Horses


The Fleetwood family has been breeding horses for generations on this very place in southern Alberta; and consider ourselves to be horse people, not just people who own horses.

Our philosophy here is simple – breed the best mares to the best stallions, based on what each of them offers and each of them needs.  We believe a stallion should always be as close to perfect as possible.  We also believe in trying to do what is best for the breed.  In that vein, we will be requiring all mares bred to our stallions to have a 5 panel genetic disease test done, as of 2017’s breeding season.

We love to talk horses and frequently have horse tours on the place, so don’t hesitate to call & come for a visit.

Alberta Paint Horse Club


The 2017 Mane Event Horse Expo was once again a success for our club. Although crowds appeared somewhat lighter than previous years, possibly due to the traditional Alberta spring snow storm, the enthusiasm was still very apparent. Many of our club members volunteered their time to represent our club at our booth and had numerous interesting conversations with people from all different areas of the horse world. There’s nothing better Paint horse owners enjoy more than sharing their knowledge and passion with everyone whether they’re a weekend rider, a show exhibitor or just an admirer of our colored horses. We provided lots of promotional information including posters, horse stickers, trading cards, pens and a great video showcasing the Paint horse. Popular with the younger people was the horse coloring book and crayons while the others definitely enjoyed the free peppermints, according to the number of empty containers. The Mane Event is an immense opportunity to promote the Paint horse breed and whether you’ve got a backyard tobiano or a serious show overo, there’s something for everyone in the Alberta Paint Horse Club.

The Mane Event is a great show for those who come to shop and learn and the exhibitors consistently give it high marks also. As you can see there is definitely something here for everyone. In fact we dare to say there are many things of interest here for everyone. The Mane Event is expanding from the shows in Red Deer (April 21-23, 2017) and Chilliwack (October 20-22, 2017) to include a show May 12-14, 2017 in London, Ontario and another May 26-28 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Check out the Mane Event Website for more information.


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