2019 Wild Rose Welsh & Open Pony Show

A 2018 foal, Alvesta Owain is from his sire’s first foal crop. A big, gentle pony with the prettiest face, Owain loves attention. While we received many offers for him to go as a performance pony, we know it can be challenging to find an up-to-height Section B that has retained that pony type and character, so we waited to find him the right home that might offer him a chance as a stallion prospect. His new home is in West Virginia with Gayle Gordon, where she plans to breed from him as well as have him shown and trained for the performance ring.

Res. Champion Section B and Sport Pony was Karen Chorney’s two-year-old chestnut Section B colt: Midnight Sugar Ray (Gayfields Bling! Bling! x Midnight Reba Mc by Heniarth Neon), bred by Linda and Mike Jackson in the USA. This colt had a particularly good show the following morning—more about him to follow.

The Youngstock Futurity wrapped up with Half-Welsh classes.Twice has Linda King’s Peter Parker competed in the Half-Welsh Futurity, and twice has he been awarded the championship. This two-year-old grey gelding is sired by ISR Oldenburg NA licensed stallion, Pixar, and out of a Welsh Section B mare, Stoneledge Confetti (Rosedale Elinvar x Shenandoah Watercolor by Farnley Prelude). While this is an Connecticut-bred pony, he has relatives in Alberta: Rosedale Elinvar is a full brother to Rosedale El-Senor, a Section B stallion that spent most of his life in Alberta before going to British Columbia.

The Futurity Half-Welsh Res. Ch. was Limited Edition’s Dan D Lion, 2017 bay gelding sired by a Baden-Wurttemberg German import, Delta Force, and out of the Welsh Mountain Pony mare, Ffansi Lady Dafni (Caris Lord Carrington x Gabbie by Twyford Storm).

Futurity Half-Welsh Res. Ch. under Caldwell: Limited Edition’s Dan D Lion, 2017 bay gelding.

Owner, Samantha Eidsness says that Dan D Lion is a goofball with a larger-than-life personality. If he can get into trouble through play, he will. He loves attention and will follow anyone around: ponies, people, dogs, or even their barn cats, hoping to encourage them to play. His best friend is their livestock guardian dog, Ariel. They love to sleep cuddled up together in his stall. She will jump in and out over his stall door to keep him company.

Danny will be lightly started in 2020, and they have high hopes for him as a future sport pony. They would love to find a competitive home for him where he is an only pony for a junior who wants to spend a lot of time in the barn with their pony—Danny thrives on attention.


Judges: Diana Cappellanti and Megan Burtness

The main show has a full slate of Welsh halter classes, plus open halter divisions for Sport Pony and Model Hunter, and has English, Hunter, driving, gymkhana, costume, and more. The majority of participants are Welsh, but the many open classes allow other breeds, registered and not, to compete.

Welsh Gelding Champion

Under both judges, the Grand Champion Welsh Gelding placing was the same: three-year-old Section B Frontier Dun Luv took the championship, with 10-year-old Welsh Mountain Pony Coyote Run Elfin in reserve.

Double Gr. Ch. Welsh Gelding, Frontier Dun Luv, 2016 buckskin Section B.

Frontier Dun Luv is a 2016 buckskin Section B stallion bred and owned by Cheryl Blatz (Prairie Sun Royal Legacy x Shell-Crest Luv Me Tender by Westrum’s Morocco).Cheryl says, “Buddy, as we call him, has become a very versatile gelding. While he was a bit of a handful to start with, under Meryssa’s patient hands, he is now a great halter pony. He showed at two shows in 2019, in English and Western, even earning Meryssa reserve champion show pony at our local club. Buddy is now starting on gymkhana and will be Meryssa’s Pony Club mount in 2020. He’s a favourite with the whole family.”

Whilethe reserve, Coyote Run Elfin (or Kyle, as he’s known at home) is newly re-entered into the Welsh world after finding himself in a several homes, and at one point going through the Innisfail auction. As happens all too often in re-sale, Elfin’s papers had at one point failed to be transferred.

Double Res. Gr. Ch. Welsh Gelding: Coyote Run Elfin, 2009 Welsh Mountain Pony.

As breeders know, registration papers are our ponies’ birth certificates: they show that he was purposefully bred and is wanted. This is particularly important when we know there is an abundance of backyard-bred and/or unwanted ponies and horses; papers are one way to remind folks of our ponies’ value—and a way for breeders and owners to track ponies throughout their lives.

Between new owner, Elizabeth Webster, and breeder, Brenda Harder, they were able to obtain Elfin’s registration papers, and the Webster family were very excited to bring their new pony to the Wild Rose Show! He’s sired by Anderin’s Caerwynne (Trefaes Taran x Liseter Capip’s Cameo), a stallion Brenda Harder imported from the Fronheisers in Pennsylvania back in 2007, and out of one of her foundation mares, Arrow Valley Eirys (Kelly Acres Pied Piper x Annwyl Elyn).

It was Christmas 2018 when the Websters saw Elfin in their neighbour’s yard and decided to purchase him. Once home, Elizabeth says they were able to uncover what a super little guy he is. “My daughter is completely in love with him, even though he had previously learned an impressive variety of skills to get out of being ridden! With our coach’s help and guidance, my daughter has successfully shown him in the hunter ring this year! We have so many pictures of them that convey pure happiness and love. These were our first halter classes, and she was thrilled to receive so many compliments and ribbons!”

Elizabeth and her family stumbled into realizing what gems these Welsh Mountain Ponies are. All the kids at the barn love their Elfin, and Elizabeth says that sassy, intelligent, caring pony has become the perfect summer camp games pony.

Welsh Youngstock Champion

The Welsh Youngstock classes culminated in the Youngstock Championship, of which the judges were of a similar mind, alternating their champion and reserve between two-year-old Section B colts Midnight Sugar Ray and Frontier Call Me Ghost.

Diana’s Youngstock Champion, Midnight Sugar Ray (mentioned above for Futurity wins), would go on to be Res. Supreme Champion Welsh. New owner, Karen Chorney, hadn’t planned to purchase a stallion, but after a bad breeding season in 2018, she took the plunge.

“I began looking for a colt/stallion with bloodlines uncommon to Alberta, and that was a minimum of 13.1hh, correct, and a great mover—and he needed to be old enough that I could use him for the 2019 breeding season,” said Karen. “After several months searching, I was watching the live stream of the American Welsh Nationals and saw Midnight Sugar Ray with Kim Boyd of Sterling Creek Welsh competing in the Section B colt class. I thought Ray was gorgeous! He was big with a lot of bone, and I loved the way he looked and moved. The UK judge, Clare Willis-Burton agreed with me, awarding him Champion Section B Colt!”

Ray had also done well throughout his 2018 show season, placing first at the Western Regional Show in California under judge Magrogan, and in High Points went Res. Champion for the Southwest Region and third nationally. When Karen Chorney researched Ray’s bloodlines, she was even more excited: he is heavily bred Gayfields on the topside, and his dam lines include three generations of Gayfields ponies.

He was purchased late in 2018, though didn’t arrive at the Chorney’s home in Calgary area until the next spring, to avoid a tough transition from California winter to Alberta winter.

Res. Supreme Ch. under Cappellanti: Midnight Sugar Ray, 2017 Section B colt.

“Midnight Sugar Ray is a sweet stallion who is a bit of a firecracker, with a huge look-at-me presence,” says Karen. “He is friendly and vocal, always the first pony to greet us in the barn each morning. We plan to stand Sugar Ray at stud next year, and in the future he will be started under saddle with an eye toward competing in dressage and eventing.”

Meanwhile, Megan Burtness’ choice for Youngstock Champion was Frontier Call Me Ghost (Prairie Sun Royal Legacy x Hallmark’s Beyonce by Gayfields Call the Cops), 2017 perlino Section B colt shown by Kassie Miller and her mom Shelley Snyder.

Burtness’ Gr. Ch. Sport Pony, & Ch. Model Hunter Pony: Frontier Call Me Ghost, 2017 Section B colt. Photo: Sarah’s Equine Design.

Kassie and Shelley say, “This amazing young Section B stallion proved himself well, with his amazing temperament and calmness throughout the show—along with his movement, which he showed every time he entered into the ring. We are excited to see what the future holds for this stallion through his showing career and through his offspring!”

Grand Champion Section A

Onto the Grand Championships—the judges were unanimous in the Welsh Mountain Pony division, placing four-year-old stallion Alvesta Infinity champion and yearling filly Shell-Crest Starlight Silver reserve (previously mentioned for Futurity wins).

Alvesta Infinity (Cat Creek Innuendo x Alvesta Caris by Nerwyn Gwyn) is the result of using Winona Myer’s stallion in Kansas via AI. Between his bloodlines, exceptionally gentle, kind temperament, and his good breed type, we kept Infinity on for a few years to watch mature and to breed a couple of mares. We showed him as a yearling, two-, three-, and now as a four-year-old, and he won a number of ribbons, including Youngstock Championships, Futurity Gr. Ch. Sport Pony, and Gr. Ch. Section A.

Unanimous Gr. Ch. Welsh Mountain Pony: Alvesta Infinity, 2015 Section A stallion. Photo: Sarah’s Equine Design.

This year, he was also bred to our only mares not closely related to him: Islyn Gwerthfawr and Alvesta Gwyneth, as well as an outside mare. What a sweet stallion he proved to be with his mares; they stayed in his paddock with him, and he loved the company. Two of the mares had foals, and often we would see Infinity and the foal relaxing in his shelter together, while the dam was out grazing.

It was a sad day seeing Infinity off on his way to Minnesota. Infinity has a habit of charming people, and when the shipper picked him up in the autumn of 2019, he was so impressed with this four-year-old stallion’s calm, easy demeanour that he declared himself a Welsh Mountain Pony enthusiast and spoke for three geldings for himself and his wife.

Of course, it was easier to see Infinity go with the knowledge he would be better used in a program not comprised of relatives! New owner, Dona Currie, bought her first Welsh in 2006, and hasn’t looked back. Last year, Welsh Mountain Pony breeders Dona, Monica Nelson, and Winona Myers went to Wales together, where Dona purchased Blanche Montana, a grey 7-year-old Royal Welsh winner. By 2019, Dona had 12 females, her imported stallion, and was looking for a second stallion for future Montana daughters: our Infinity, as it would turn out. She hopes to use him for breeding, showing, and have him trained for performance.

Grand Champion Section B & Supreme Champion Welsh

Under both judges, their Grand Champion and Res. Section Bs were also their Supreme & Res. Champions. Diana Cappellanti’s Grand and Supreme Championships went to Alvesta Naiya with Midnight Sugar Ray in reserve, while Megan Burtness awarded these titles to Clanfair Mirabeau and Alvesta Naiya, respectively.

Supreme Ch. under Cappellanti: Alvesta Naiya, 2011 Section B mare. Photo: Sarah’s Equine Design.

Brenda Podolski’s 2011 black Section B mare, Alvesta Naiya (Llanarth Tarquin x Alvesta Sweet N Spicy by CadlanValley Pirate) won supremes as a yearling and was shown to championships the next year as well, but as it’s typically the Alvesta youngstock that are shown, Naiya stayed home since. We were pleased to see Naiya recognized in the Welsh, Sport Pony, and Model Hunter championships at this show.

As of 2020, nine years have passed since Llanarth Tarquin’s first foal crop when we met Alvesta Naiya. A gentle, intelligent pony, she has made a wonderful first riding pony for kids in our family. This year was both Naiya and Ava’s debut under saddle with a couple gymkhana classes, and they had a great time together, winning their pole bending class. You know it was a success when the first words out of a kid’s mouth are “We have to do that again next year!”

Ava will have others to ride as Naiya takes a break to have foals (expecting in 2020 from Thistledown Arctic Lore). Interestingly enough, Ava’s favourite in training is our other Tarquin daughter, Alvesta Angelina—a bold, peppy pony to Naiya’s laid-back demeanour.

Megan’s Supreme Champion, Clanfair Mirabeau (Mynach Mystical x Clanfair Martina by Wedderlie Mardi Gras), is an 8-year-old perlino Section B stallion owned by Samantha Eidsness from Aldergrove, BC. Samantha says, “Clanfair Mirabeau is a dream come true for us.” What follows is their story, courtesy of Samantha:

Supreme Ch. & Model Dressage Ch. under Burtness: Clanfair Mirabeau, 2011 Section B stallion.

I had inquired to purchase Mirabeau as a weanling, but he had already sold. On a hauling trip to Oregon, at the last minute, I was asked to pick up another pony. When we met at the rendezvous point, I couldn’t believe it was Mirabeau! I was tempted to turn around and drive back to Canada.

Several years later, I decided it was time to add another stallion to our breeding program and emailed Kathleen Rawls about Mirabeau. As it turns out, my timing was impeccable: she had decided to hold her first dispersal sale but hadn’t yet advertised this. I convinced her to part with Mirabeau, and he arrived in Canada shortly after.

With my young children and busy breeding / foaling seasons, it wasn’t until 2019 that we finally managed to show him at the Wild Rose Show.

Mirabeau is a fun and athletic stallion to work with. He loves to jump and will gallop around our riding arena free jumping anything I have left set up. His favourite game is stealing unattended pitchforks. As a sire, Mirabeau strongly stamps his offspring in movement, markings, and conformation. Our goal is to compete with him in the Get of Sire class, as his foals are the true testament to his ability as a sire of influence.

Grand Champion Sport Pony

The open Sport Pony classes are always well attended and get some of the best competition of the weekend. Diana’s Gr. Ch. was Alvesta Mona Lisa with Memory Lane Prince of Vanity in reserve, while Megan pinned Frontier Call Me Ghost champion and Sanalta’s Destiny’s Child reserve.

9-year-old Section B mare, Alvesta Mona Lisa, owned by Wendy Williams, has long been participating in the Wild Rose Show, though Mona and Wendy’s main focus is driving; this is where she’s featured below, since they again won several driving championships. While Frontier Call Me Ghost is featured above, in the Welsh championships.

In reserve, Memory Lane Price of Vanity’s (Memory Lane Decadent x Memory Lane Nefertari GRP) owner, Cheryl Blatz, says, “This beautiful gelding was Tanlee’s first show pony. A king, easy-going pony, he gave her his best performances for her first year riding at shows. They also won champion show pony at our local club. He has since been sold to the US to continue his hunter career.

Res. Gr. Ch. Sport Pony: Memory Lane Prince of Vanity, Half-Welsh gelding.

Megan’s reserve, Sanalta’s Destiny’s Child, (Alvesta Monte Carlo x Sanalta’s My Destiny by Skellorn Dauphinoir) is a 2010 Section B bay mare. Fresh from the trainer, this was the Destiny’s first show. Owner, Jessie Coulson, says her trainer was impressed with the mare’s sensitive intelligence and willingness to learn. “We have concentrated the breeding program on performance ponies with large, strong bones. At 13.3hh, Destiny is the spitting image of our foundation sire, Alvesta Monty Carlo (Llandefalle Bonheddwr x Alvesta Virgina Belle by Farnley Bellringer)”.

Res. Grand Ch. Sport Pony under Burtness: Sanalta’s Destiny’s Child, 2010 Section B bay mare.

Welsh Pleasure Driving Champion

There were years when the driving classes were full, and then we went through a long stretch of very few entries—it’s only in the last few years that there’s been resurgence. Our judges were nearly in agreement with the Welsh Pleasure Driving Championship… Diana’s Champion was Alvesta Mona Lisa with Morgan Hill Syrup in reserve, while Megan’s flipped them to make Syrup champion. Mona returned for the Sunday driving classes, where she would be again named Champion and Reserve, to another mare.

Alvesta Mona Lisa (CadlanValley Pirate x Alvesta Monique by Rosedale El-Senor) is a 2010 Section B bay mare living in Stony Plain with Wendy and Don Williams. Wendy says that Mona Lisa has a sweet and willing temperament. She is brave in harness and always willing to step up to a new challenge.

Cappellanti’s Welsh Pleasure Driving Ch & Sport Ch: Alvesta Mona Lisa, 2010 Section B mare. Photo: Sarah’s Equine Design.

Wendy continues to say, “This year was our first for competing in Combined Driving Events, which Mona mastered with enthusiasm. I purchased her 6 years ago to become my driving pony. I originally thought we would just compete in breed shows and pleasure shows, but my driving coach insisted we try Combined Driving. I chose Mona after spending months researching pony breeders in Alberta. I was so very fortunate to make the trip to Alvesta Farm, and honestly there wasn’t a single pony there that I wouldn’t have taken home. Mona Lisa chose me, and from that moment on, we have made a great team. I am so very proud of her accomplishments within the Welsh breed shows, but this year she also won several Combined Driving Events and ended up Reserve High Point Champion in the Alberta Carriage Driving Association. I have Mona Lisa in Arizona for the winter and am thrilled to be driving with Drew Callahan. Drew will be working on getting Mona Lisa and I ready to step up to the Prelim level of CDE. As always, Mona Lisa is stepping up to the task, and I look forward to a very busy 2020.”

Burtness’ Welsh Pleasure Driving Ch: Morgan Hill Syrup, 2016 Section B stallion. Photo: Sarah’s Equine Design.

Megan Burtness’ champion, Morgan Hill Syrup, (Mynach Master Class x Clanfair Love Story by Wedderlie Mardi Gras) is a 2016 buckskin Welsh Section B owned by Shannon Comeau in Alberta.

Half-Welsh Champion

It’s great to see the Half-Welsh classes getting entries, as this hasn’t always been the case at our show; this year, five Half-Welsh competed. Diana placing Frontier Pharoah’s Secret as champion and Peter Parker reserve, while Megan switched them to have Peter Parker in the championship spot.

2017 Chestnut gelding, Frontier Pharoah’s Secret, is sired by Welsh Section B stallion Frontier Mystical Beau (Shell-Crest Key to My Soul x Bluebirrd Chloe by Mynach Mystical) and out of a German Riding Pony x Arabian mare, Emmaraude De Rhiannon. This pony was also Diana’s Junior Champion Sport Pony. He’s owned by Cheryl Blatz from Clive, Alberta.

Cheryl says, “Pharoah has been an all-star on our show string for the last two years. He has a huge personality, always wanting to please. He was lightly started last year and has now went on to his new home to become a hunter or dressage pony. We have repeated this cross to create athletic great disposition riding ponies.”

The other Half-Welsh Champion, Peter Parker, owned by Linda King, is featured above, as a Futurity Champion.

Model Hunter Champion

The open Model Hunter Champion went to Peter Parker under Diana and Frontier Call Me Ghost under Megan, with Rhiannon’s Ffiona and Alvesta Naiya in reserves, respectively.

Model Dressage Champion

New to the show this year was the Model Dressage classes. Diana awarded Exeter Erebor the championship, with Morgan Hill Syrup in reserve, while Megan placed Clanfair Mirabeau champion with Exeter Erebor in reserve.

Cappellanti’s Ch. Model Dressage Pony: Exeter Erebor, 2018 Parbred Welsh gelding.

Exeter Erebor (Small-Land Martello x Exeter Evenstar by Northwind Catcall) is a 2018 gelding, registered Partbred Welsh with the WPCSA (¾ British Riding Pony, ¼ Welsh). What follows is what his breeder and owner, Karen Chorney, has to say about him.

Exeter Erebor is the result of a breeding I had been planning for several years—ever since his dam, Exeter Evenstar, was born. Evenstar is a lovely Welsh x British Riding Pony mare, the product of Alvesta and Northwind bloodlines. She has won many championships in-hand, including 2016 US National Half-Welsh Gr. Ch. and Res. Gr. Ch. His sire, Small-Land Martello, is a gorgeous, sweet-tempered, imported British Riding Pony stallion owned by Morgan Shortt of Anning Mills Farm in Meaford, Ontario. Martello is the sire of many champions, including Best Young Pony at the Devon Horse Show (in Devon, PA) and Royal Winter Fair (in Toronto, ON) as well as the 2013 Large Green Pony Finals Champion. His sire and dam are excellent movers.

Dale, as we call Erebor, inherited his sire and dam’s good looks and movement. He is just a yearling, and the Wild Rose Show was his very first show and only outing of 2019, so we were very proud of him bringing home the Ch. & Res. Ch. Model Dressage Pony titles. We are looking forward to Dale growing into a wonderful ridden pony.

The other champions in thiscategory are previously profiled, being a Welsh Supreme Champion, Clanfair Mirabeau, and a Welsh Driving Champion, Morgan Hill Syrup.

Open Driving Championship

While the Welsh Pleasure Driving classes and championship took place on Saturday, on Sunday came the Open Pleasure Driving division. Diana placed Rhiannon’s Ffiona champion with Saturday’s champion, Alvesta Mona Lisa, in reserve, while Megan flipped them to award Mona Lisa the championship.

Rhiannon’s Ffiona (Young’s General Lee x Young’s Golden Fascination by Liseter Star Design) is a 2009 Welsh Mountain Pony mare owned by Shannon Comeau in Leduc. Shannon says, “Ffiona is the greatest pony anyone could ever own. She never tires and has the work ethic of ten horses. Fiona loves people and children and is extremely versatile, going from being a child’s mount to driving in a team. On top of that, she is a first class pleasure driving mare. She loves parades and pulling a sled too. On Christmas Day, we hooked her up with her daughter and went through town, stopping and visiting several seniors’ homes: with the jingle bells and singing all the way. The response was incredible. People just love seeing this!”

Open Pleasure Driving Ch. under Cappellanti: Rhiannon’s Ffiona, 2009 Section A mare.

English Pleasure Championship

The judges were in agreement for their last championship of the show: English Pleasure Champion went to 6-year-old Half-Welsh Tyalow’s Little Miss Hollywood while 7-year-old Hanoverian gelding, Peanut, was awarded the reserves.

Unanimous English Pleasure Champion: Tyalow’s Little Miss Hollywood, 6-yr-old Half-Welsh mare.

Judy Owad’s Tyalow’s Little Miss Hollywood is a 13.2hh Half-Welsh, sired by Welsh Mountain Pony stallion, Young’s Country Esquire (Young’s Country Rock x Young’s Happy Moment by Liseter Star Design) and out of Quarter Horse mare, Girl’s Time Out. She has been shown successfully under saddle and over fences, and Judy says she has a friendly, outgoing personality. She will likely be looking for a new home in 2020.

Peanut’s owner, Elizabeth Webster, was at the show with their Welsh Mountain Pony gelding, Coyote Run Elfin, mentioned above, but brought Peanut out to support the show’s open performance classes and get some show miles on him. Elizabeth says, “We had a delightful family weekend and hope to support the 2020 show as well.”

Tremendous thanks goes to everyone who helped make the show possible, both those who ran the show and those who brought their ponies and horses out to compete!

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