Rocking Heart Ranch Colt Starting Challenge

2020 Trainer of the Year— Madison Elzinga from Peers, AB. Riding We Dolls Loona whom she bought and took home 2020 Reserve Champion— Emma Atkinson from Medicine Hat, AB. Riding DQH Two Coul a Guy

2020 Runner Up— Carola Sossdorf from Sundre, AB. Riding DQH Watch My Chex who was also the high seller of the sale selling for $16,500.00

WOW Factor Winner—– Carola Sossdorf from Sundre, AB. Riding DQH Watch My Chex. 

“We were stunned by the outstanding talent and commitment these trainers had to our Quarter Horses.  You can tell that they love what they do! With up and comers like this, the Quarter Horse industry will be in great hands over the next several decades.” Says Melody Garner-Skiba, Challenge Organizer with Rocking Heart Ranch.

All trainers picked up their horses on June 21st at the ranch where they chose their horse by random draw.  They took them home and spent the next 60 days giving them a solid start including groundwork and breaking under saddle.  This is the portion that the Trainer of the Year is judged on. 

On top of the foundational start these horses experienced some of the competitors really went all out for the WOW factor. This is a separate prize for the trainers where they can show us the “extra” that they have done.  There were inflatable unicorns and dinosaurs riding the horses, plus roping, mounted archery, dragging inflatable toys, and so many different aspects which show the versatility of the horses and the extra effort given. “Every year I am amazed at the ingenuity and innovation that these trainers show in their WOW factor portion of the challenge.  It makes me smile to see that our breeding program is turning out horses that are versatile to go from working out on a ranch to being ridden through the drive through at the coffee shop.  It makes the long hours all worthwhile.” Says James Garner, President of Rocking Heart Ranch.

This year there was an additional element, the Champion Showcase.  Winners of previous challenges were invited back and given a 4 year old registered Quarter Horse and asked to put the same 60 day foundational start on the horse but then walk the crowd through the program they had completed on the horse.  The Showcase trainers were Jaquelene See, Gregg Garvie, and Joel Lybbert.

A huge thank you to the sponsors that helped make this happen including Destiny Homes, Riteline Electric, Perlich Auction, Volution LLP, and Ranch Docs.  We appreciate the community support!

Details on the trainers and horses are available at Press Contact: Melody Garner-Skiba C: (403) 894-1005

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