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Lloyds Bank put out a pretty nice video with black horses.


APHA Rule Change Proposals for 2018 Rule Book are now posted at on the APHA site. Also Breeders’ Trust stallion subscription fees have been made more affordable for 2017.



This next one breaks my heart. You might not want to watch it. Unbelievable that this is the 2016 champion Tennessee Walker and that people in the crowd can stand to watch it and not cry.


Smart Little Lena Video 1Video 2



Do you dream of still riding your horse when you are 96 years old?



Results from the Canadian Supreme – results from the Supreme Website and results from Robin Glenn Pedigrees



Working Equitation with Speed – an interesting sport that could up your equitation skills.




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2016 Wild Rose Welsh & Open Pony Show

We read show reports from various shows but this one has something a little extra. Karen Podolski has taken the time to get contributions for the article from the pony owners included in the article. This makes it much more interesting. Nice job Karen.

2016 Wild Rose Welsh & Open Pony Show

Written by Karen Podolski with contributions from pony owners included in the article. Photo credit on all but the last two photos goes to Sarah’s Equine Design.

July 16-17 weekend saw another Wild Rose Welsh & Open Pony Show alongside the Welsh & Half-Welsh Young Stock Futurity & Performance Stake on Friday, July 15 in Red Deer, Alberta. We welcomed three judges in total: Shirley Cane, Elizabeth Russell, and Molly Rinedollar.

With challenging weather and economic climate, we had lower entries than usual—though unlike many shows across the province, and across disciplines—we were able to make a go of it.

With the quality of judges, we had many commenting that they had been excited to bring their ponies, but had hay rotting in the field and needed to be on standby for baling weather, or had injuries (and in one case surgery), or just didn’t have ponies ready due to the non-stop rain we’ve been having—it was just one of those years. Nonetheless, our judges had a good selection of ponies, some of whom are featured here, as 2016’s top halter winners.

The show was fortunate to see a new group: Marit Stable from Calgary brought a variety of first-time and seasoned exhibitors—though all new to the Wild Rose Show. Many came over to say they learned lots, had a great time, and will be out next year. As a show organizer, I strongly encourage others to connect with local stables. You’d be surprised how many of them have Welsh and would like a venue to showcase their ponies. And on years with low entries, this can make the difference between a successful and a cancelled show.

As our show started with the Friday Futurity, so should we here. Our Futurity judge, Shirley Cane of Hoskin Stable in Ontario, has boarded, trained, shown, and bred Welsh ponies. At her 60-stall boarding stable, she teaches equitation, showmanship, riding and driving—while offering on-going horsemanship courses, and partnering with the Durham Board of Education, 4-H Clubs, Pony Clubs, and the Durham Horseback Riding for Special Needs Association.

Shirley’s Young Stock Futurity Supreme Champion was Welsh Mountain Pony yearling colt, Sunburst Heart of Jubilee (Sunwillow Jubilee x Young’s Heart Breaker by Young’s Country Rock), bred and owned by Kasandra Miller, whose name you may recognize as the daughter of long-term breeder, Shelley Snyder with the Shell-Crest prefix.


Shirley says he is a “lovely moving pony, with good length of rein, strong hind quarters, and true to type.”

Kasandra had the opportunity to AI her mare to Sunwillow Jubilee (Heniarth Quip x Sunwillow Dido by Randan Walter), a well-known Section A stallion back in Wales, being as local breeder, Colleen Polard, brought in frozen semen. Both Jubilee and Kasandra’s mare are champions, so she thought this would be a good pairing—the result being the first colt sired by Jubilee to be born in Canada.

Kasandra says he is a very kind and gentle pony that wants to please. With his good attitude and long, free movement, she plans for him to head her breeding program, and she will be starting him in pleasure driving. It will be nice to have this family back in the driving ring with this promising colt. Continue reading “2016 Wild Rose Welsh & Open Pony Show”

The Mane Event Branches Out to New Locations

The Mane Event—premier hosts of the largest equine expo in Canada—branches out to new locations in Ontario and the US

Equestrians and horse lovers in both the US and Canada will benefit by the expansion of The Mane Event Expo.

Each spring The Mane Event hosts the largest equine expo in Canada at its location in Red Deer, Alberta. In the fall the expo is held again in Chilliwack, BC, and draws record crowds. In 2017, The Mane Event will grow in new locations that include London, Ontario May 12-14 at the Western Fair District and also May 26-28 at WestWorld in Scottsdale, Arizona. Continue reading “The Mane Event Branches Out to New Locations”

Canadian Supreme Turns 40!

Red Deer – Canada’s largest western horse event returns to Red Deer, as it celebrates a major milestone. The Canadian Supreme is marking 40 years, as it showcases and promotes the training traditions of the western horseman in the cutting, reining and working cow horse events. Offering $400,000 in prize money, the show has attracted nearly 600 entries from across western Canada and the northern U.S. states. The skilled competitors will be at Red Deer’s Westerner Park for six days of action, September 27th-October 2nd. Continue reading “Canadian Supreme Turns 40!”

THREE riders cross the line together to win the 2016 Mongol Derby!

At 9.51am local time, Will Comiskey from Australia, Marcia Hefker-Miles from New Mexico and Heidi Telstad from CANADA crossed the line, arms together, to take a triple dead heat in the 2016 Mongol Derby, the world’s longest and toughest horse race.

They gave thanks to the horses, herders and people of Mongolia for an incredible experience and said they wanted to share the experience of winning as a team just as they had shared the experience of the trail.


The pics show the three winners finishing the Mongol Derby and are credited to Richard Dunwoody @ Mongol Derby.

Will Comiskey, 28, ‘Dingo’, a cattle rancher from Longreach , said:
“There were slow ones, there were wild ones, but ****, we had fun!!
Marcia Hefker-Miles, 45, from New Mexico, said her most memorable memory was:
“Riding through a high mountain pass, past a boy and a girl both herding goats; making eye contact with them and waving. I saw myself in that little girl…”
Heidi Telstad, 43, a lawyer from British Colombia, said hers was:
“Camping one night with a poor family; they gave everything they had to spare to me and my horse and treated me as one of their own.”

Next to finish in the Mongol Derby were Tatiana Mountbatten and Venetia Philipps, from the UK and Courtney Kizer from Texas.

Congratulations to all who managed to finish this race but especially to our Canadian Heidi Telstad. We are so proud of you.

Mongol Derby 2016 Set For a Nailbiting Finish!

The 2016 Mongol Derby, certainly this year living up to its name as the world’s longest and toughest horse race (“and it’s raining again….”) is set for a nail biting finish with any of five riders in a position to take the title.

At horse station 27, the last station before the finish, are William Comiskey, nicknamed ‘Dingo’, a cattle rancher from Australia, alongside Canada’s Heidi Telstad, a lawyer – and these two have been riding together for most of the race. With them is New Mexican cowgirl,  Marcia Hefker-Miles.


Photo credited to Richard Dunwoody @ Mongol Derby

Closely following are Courtney Kizer, a Texan showjumper and UK ‘Riding for Rangers’ team Tatiana Mountbatten, a professional dressage rider and 499th in line to the throne, and her team mate, Kenyan based Venetia Phillips who have stuck together like an Olympic duo throughout the race.
Behind these and also set for a top 10 finish are Shannon Nott, an Aussie bush doctor, UK rider and Qatar Racing’s David Redvers who has made steady progress as the race has progressed, and two more Brits, Alice Newling and Alexandra Hardham.

The race is set to finish tomorrow – with the leaders having just 40kms to go.


Photo credited to Richard Dunwoody @ Mongol Derby

Of the 41 riders who set out, 14 have now retired due to injury and general knackered-ness. Some of those hospitalised earlier on in the week are currently en route to cheer on their team mates at the finish.

Team Household Cavalry (was 5, one in hospital, so now 4) perhaps summed up the race yesterday with this:
“600kms ridden and a combined count of 20 falls, 4 days to go.”