We want this blog to be a source of important information for our readers along with a place where interesting and fun bits of information, images or videos can be viewed by all horse people.

As Canada’s most visited horse website, we receive important and time sensitive news such as disease outbreaks or fires, that we need a place to post.

There are also a number of horse people we talk to who don’t use social media. For those people we would like to provide a place where some of the fun and interesting things that come to Northernhorse either through social media, email or elsewhere can be enjoyed easily by all.

We also want to help folks improve their horse marketing. With over 20 years of online marketing experience promoting Canada’s best ranches and horse breeders (including Canada’s most active horse classifieds and online stallion listings), we at Northernhorse have lots of experience with what works and what doesn’t work. Watch for our upcoming posts about how to improve your online marketing.

Do you have any ideas that you would like us to explore?




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