And This Is How It Starts

Luckily the beautiful fall weather has allowed us to get most everything around the ranch ready for winter. All the tools have been picked up before they are hidden under the snow not to be seen until spring. The things that shouldn’t freeze have been put away in the warm rooms. The foals have been weaned. It was a particularly calm weaning year, ironically possibly because of Eddie.

Eddie is pretty sure he is important. Eddie is a gelding who doesn’t quite believe it. He likes to run the show. So when the mares and foals were separated, Eddie soon placed himself at the corner where all the interest and commotion was happening and stood there. He isn’t quite boss enough to demand the spot but him being there often, discouraged the foals and they spent much more time eating the wonderfully delicious alfalfa mix hay I was offering very nearby.

It went well. The babies never even worked up a sweat. They have never looked back. Our goal is to make weaning like that. We don’t like to see a lot of stress in the youngsters if we can help it. But we really weren’t planning the great help that we got from Eddie. LOL

Maybe tomorrow we will awake to a beautiful, clean and snowy world. Winter will have started again and I am fortunate enough to still be here to see it.

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