Well I think that perhaps the mama deer (or her daughter) have decided to revisit our little retreat. There wasn’t a sign of them until a couple of days ago when suddenly there appeared a large number of tracks and and literally trails around the yard. Sure enough around dusk the next night, a couple of cute little deer show up in the yard. I went out and had a chat with them about maybe leaving the apple trees alone when another one came down from the path to the apple trees. They seemed to know right away that I wasn’t much of a threat. They just stood and looked at me.

I gave them the word that they could eat with the horses in the back yard but perhaps they would just mosey on out of my garden. After much hand clapping, banging on things and throwing a few items at them, they headed out.

Well I soon realized why all the tracks. As they headed over to where Eddie and Hawk’s haybale is, a nice little herd of about 7 or 8 more came bounding along to join them from the other side of the garage.

We probably weren’t going to get that many apples anyway.

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