The greenhouse by the barn warms up early in the spring and we can be eating lettuce and greens before we can plant anything outside.

The flowers and trees make our little oasis a place that we are quite happy to spend lots of time in.

It takes a lot of hours of work to keep a nice garden. I always have more garden than I can take care of so there are some weeds and some plants that should be brought back into control and some pathways that should be repaired. But, I was somehow blessed with an ability to see past the weeds and the worn out and mostly am amazed at what some plant has produced whether it be a beautiful flower or a delicious vegetable or fruit. I do stop and smell the flowers.

I’m also grateful for the veggies, fruit and berries that come from my garden. This year the apples are more delicious than ever. Just put 6 pies in the freezer and a bunch of apple sauce.

We have a couple of garden supervisors. Sphinx and Shrimp are very good at holding down the chairs. We usually have to find a couple of others if we want to sit near them. LOL

And some other garden friends

I think that one of the things that has contributed a lot to my good health is having gardens. The exercise is good, the food is good and it is good for your spirit.

And a few neighbors, kids and the food bank all enjoy the garden gifts.

Thanks for visiting my garden.


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