Reminders of A Different Time

Some folks get rid of every old piece of equipment. Some folks not so much. We are somewhere in between.

We recently got one of those garbage bins that they come and empty so we could get rid of some of the “junk” around here. We have always had lots of outbuildings. Outbuildings on a ranch are a magnet for almost anything that could possibly be used in whole or in part in the future.

Fall On The Farm

A lady told me the other day that she often goes for drives in the country and it is quite lovely but it looks like too much work.

Before I moved to the farm I never thought of it that way. I always thought it looked like freedom and horses and a great place to raise my kids. I found out it was true. All of it.

Actually the work isn’t evenly distributed over the year. It is directed by the season and the weather more than anything. The busiest season is fall (although spring can be nearly as busy). Getting the harvest done and things put away for winter is a big job. And the weather doesn’t always cooperate. So every “nice” day you need to spend getting “the fall work” done with the pressure that winter could arrive and end your harvest and fall chores at any time.

Reminders of The Good Old Days

I’m having trouble finding interesting news for the blog. This may change when the pandemic is over. Or not. Who knows? So in the meantime I have decided I may as well just post some of the things that are happening here on the ranch.

Dave and I were having coffee in our little garden the other day when he commented that this summer reminds him of summers of his childhood. Like most farm kids we didn’t go anywhere in the summer. Perhaps to the fair although Dave had to work in the dairy barn with his uncle so even that was a different experience than the town kids. Not to say it wasn’t even better. You got to sleep over and hang out on the midway until late. You got to visit friends and other kids who were involved with the animals at the fair. And mom made fried chicken and potato salad and sliced up a big watermelon.

Fried Chicken, potato salad, watermelon and family at the fair. Good times.

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