Fall On The Farm

Depending on your operation and whether or not you have livestock, the work can vary. We are “semi” retired and no longer do field work. Our livestock is now limited to a dozen horses and a few cats. But we tend a couple of greenhouses and a big vegetable garden along with a few flower beds and a big enough patch of lawn although we have fenced off quite a bit of the lawn and let the horses in to graze it regularly. They love it. It gets the babies used to lots of things and action around the yard, we enjoy their company.

I think we are a bit ahead of usual in our fall work this year thanks to spending more time at home. The thistles have been cut in the paddocks, there are lots of jars of pickles and bags of frozen veggies and berries in the freezer. Tomatoes. A lot of tomatoes. Any neighbors need tomatoes?

Yes, the farm is a lot of work. But if you love gardening, horses, walking about, observing the wild things, eating good home raised food, freedom and raising kids, I think it is the best place in the world. I hope I can continue to work here for a few more years.

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