Winter Pasture – Late November 2016

The daytime temperatures were just above freezing up until the very end of November. The nighttime temperatures were around -8. Nice comfortable weather for horses if not perhaps a little warm. Some of the warmer days they even rolled in the snow to cool down.

The kind of days that make working with the young horses particularly fun. No bugs and just a light jacket.  The snow was gradually decreasing, the paddocks were a bit icy but not bad.


Just like in the summer the coat on a healthy horse naturally shines. Toward spring when they start to shed it can look pretty shabby and dull but through most of the winter it is a really good sign when their coat glows in the sun.


Out in the pastures much of the snow is gone. Life has been easy for the herd. Elvis, the 2 year old almost looks dappled through his winter coat.


And then, December arrives and with it comes a few inches of snow. Now eating became a bit harder.  It got a little colder especially at night. Most every day there was a breeze which added wind chill.


Every year I am amazed at how well healthy horses can withstand the Canadian winter. After every really cold night and every snow storm I am sure we will be moving them to full feed. Then I ski out or meet them at the waterer and marvel at their condition and lack of discomfort.  Some days I can barely stand to stop and visit them and they are busy testing the straps on my camera bag or checking out my pockets or skis. When the wind blows they will be where it isn’t.

Not everybody disliked the snowfall.

Winter Pasture – Nov 24, 2016

Winter Pasture – December 2016

Winter Pasture – A Cold and Dark December


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