Winter Pasture – A Cold and Dark December

A cold and dark December. Certainly not the first but it’s been awhile.


I could have lightened these photos but because the days are so short it seems we are always doing chores in the semi darkness so many of the photos were taken in the semi darkness. Even at midday the sun appears weak and far away and the shadows long.

The nights are cold and there just isn’t enough heat coming from that far away sun to warm the days. Some years colder than others. This December it got cold.


Environment Canada says the daily averages in our area were -7.2C in the day time, -21.6 at night, with the monthly low being 36.4C. Winds up to 67 km.


Some days it is hard to drag your butt out of a nice warm house to ski or walk out to check the horses. Sometimes once you get out there and get going it gets much better but not when it is bitterly cold. Especially if there is a wind. But a visit from one or more of the herd makes it all worthwhile. We are lucky to live with horses.


Healthy horses that are used to living outside are amazing in cold weather . Their hair lofts up a bit. They point their well protected tails toward any breeze or light wind. Old Buzz who is 25 now is still running with the herd in the pasture this winter. His coat shines in the afternoon sun.


The 2 year old filly Pricilla maintains a good weight even though she is growing and it is a pretty harsh winter so far. But there is lots of feed and even lots that is exposed that they don’t have to paw for so life is still really good in the pasture. 20170111nhblogwinterpasture18

Winter Pasture – Nov 24, 2016

Winter Pasture – Late November 2016

Winter Pasture – December 2016

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