Mixed Emotions

I cried today as I hugged Oreo’s neck. Sobbed in fact.


No, she is not sick or dying. She has been sold to what I think will be the most wonderful home we could ask for.

This is the price a person like myself pays for raising horses. Mixed emotions.


You cry for joy and you cry for loss. At the same event.

I am a wee bit envious that soon her little whinnies and requests for attention will soon be for someone else but I am truly excited and happy for Oreo. She is so ready to further her education and, like people, a horse’s future is very dependent on the quality of education he/she gets while young.  Oreo is begging to be educated. Barbara is more than capable of overseeing her education and excited to start the process.

A perfect match.


When we breed the mare we dream of a wonderful future for the baby. But it is when that foal is born and you feel that soft fur and you begin to see his/her unique personality that the little spot in your heart gets captured.

Every breeder knows that although you love them all, some work really hard to find an extra special place in your heart. Oreo did that. She even stole a piece of Dave’s heart.


She loves people. She will leave the herd to come over and stand with you and watch the rest of the herd frolic about just because she likes to be with you as much as with the herd.

I am so very grateful that we found a home that we feel is absolutely perfect for this special horse. She has brought us so much joy.


As I stand there hugging Oreo’s neck I feel a gentle nudge on my back. I turn to be greeted by the curious eyes of a baby horse. And so it begins again.


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